At Stanley Restoration, our customers are the priority. Read the reviews below to see what they are saying about us.

We cannot begin to tell you how absolutely fantastic your team leader was

As you know, having a fire is certainly something that nobody wants to go through and unfortunately that is something that we are now experiencing. After all the firemen left we were left standing there scared, wondering, where do we go? What do we do? What’s next? Where do we start, etc., etc.?  Its certainly a roller coaster of emotions and we cannot begin to tell you how absolutely fantastic your team leader was. He was so calm and walked us through everything step by step and assured us that everything was going to be okay. He would explain everything in detail and really put us at ease. He was truly amazing and exactly what people need when something like this happens. I know this is his job but I truly believe he went above and beyond and my wife and I cannot thank him enough.

I would also like to think his team. They were amazing as well. They were all very kind, courteous and respectful. They truly did an amazing job in our home and went well beyond our expectations. We were blessed to be given such amazing people to help us get through these tough times.

We have already told all our friends and family how fantastic Stanley Restoration is and that we recommend them 100%.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank the entire team for all they did for us!

D. Compton, N. Richland HillsFull Testimonial

I could never express my appreciation for each of you

It has been my intention to email you well before now. For this I truly apologize for such delay. My house has been under additional construction, so I haven’t been near my personal computer in well over a month.

The purpose of this email is to inform you of my experience with your employees. The later part of May, I had a pipe rupture at my property in Farmers Branch. I want to express my gratitude for your patience and assistance on a Saturday when our insurance company contacted you.

Your lead technician was the first of your employees that I came in contact with. His lively personality and willingness to go above and beyond captivated me immediately. When I say, this man is a diligent worker, that is a VAST understatement. From extracting and drying the accumulated water, training another employee on the dehumidifying machinery, to assisting with personal articles that had been damaged in the flood (once insurance company assessed). He was on point and such a help to me. Words can’t express how grateful I am for his assistance.

The packing crew was and it’s leader were awesome. Her vibrant personality was very welcoming. They worked very quickly yet with such care of each article that was packed. She and the team were willing to help in any way that they could and I truly appreciated that.

Last but definitely not least… you have a dynamic project manager. Very attentive, diligent and completely organized. He came in as the project had began and it was like he was there from the very beginning. His can-do attitude and willingness to “make it happen” was very refreshing. No matter what time or how many times I called to ask additional questions, he had the same attitude and patience consistently. He was on point… I can’t say enough about how great he was us.

Ms. Sherry, you have a jewel of a team. Each were the epitome of customer service and very knowledgeable in their roles. That was very assuring for me during such a chaotic time. The final product is absolutely great. I could never express my appreciation for each of you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

God Bless Each of You!

S. Billops, Farmers BranchFull Testimonial

Over and beyond the call of duty making sure we were pleased

Your company recently restored my home after water damage occurred due to a washing machine. Needless to say it was a very stressful time for our family.

Your Company did a fantastic job!  There were about seven or eight people who came to my home from your company. They were extremely professional, punctual, and efficient. A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to your project manager. He went over and beyond the call of duty making sure we were pleased with the job and explaining fully the process of insurance and payment.


D. Dreyer, MidlothianFull Testimonial

It is the exception to the rule these days to come across a group of competent, caring professionals

I would like to take a few minutes to thank you all for the wonderful job you did for me at my home recently. We had a house flood in July and your quick response and thorough attention to detail with regard to the clean-up and subsequent follow-up visits was fantastic!

I would like to offer a special thanks to your crew leader; the intensity and consideration that he demonstrates in the performance of his job duties is refreshing. All of your team members were professional and courteous; and I especially appreciated the quality communications/notifications of arrival times etc, —very dependable.

The packers completed their “unpack” Wednesday 10.8.14 and did a great job of putting my large library of books back in order—a difficult job. And the young man that assisted them on this trip (I can’t remember his name), but he also assisted your crew leader in the initial clean-up and pack-out, is very polite and hardworking! I hope you recognize his potential and utilize it.

The estimator, was of the same caliber, courteous, patient and professional.

And all of the ladies that I spoke to by phone in your office on numerous occasions mirrored all of the above. Professional.

I say all these things because it is the exception to the rule these days to come across a group of competent, caring professionals such as those that work for you. Thank you all!

M. Schwanz, AledoFull Testimonial

Honest people who worked miracles as far as we are concerned

We recently experienced a house fire for the first time in our lives.  My husband and I are in our fifties and have been blessed to have not had a total nor tragic fire but a much more contained fire, however, the experience does leave one quite humbled and much more sympathetic of those that have.  Through this experience we were touched by people from the firefighters and their willingness to preserve as many of our belongings as possible, to the people from Stanley Restoration that cleaned up after the fire and the firefighters.  This is where we want to put down in words our sincere gratitude to your team that basically rescued us that night.

When the fire was out and the firefighters gone, we were left with the aftermath on a very cold night.  We had a hole in our roof, which the firefighters were kind enough to cover with a tarp, and a huge hole in our living room ceiling with water dripping down from an ash and water sodden attic to a floor that now had about 2 inches of water and debris on it.  I had already called our insurance company and explained that we needed help that night; we at the very least needed to get the water extracted from the floor.  This is where the lead technician and his team come in.  He and his team members came in around 9pm that night and did so much more than remove water from the floor, they also removed the debris and soothed our frazzled nerves. They reassured us both that they had everything under control, this is what they do every day. Words are cheap, one expects to hear words like those from a company that does this every day, but it is the way the words are said, the patience with which they are said and the overall compassion shown to two people that had never experienced damage like we had. He assured us that they would return the very next day and start restoring order to the chaos. They did return, they did start putting our home and our nerves back in order.  He kept us informed every step of the way of everything they were going to do and did exactly that. The detailed work your team performed in our home is nothing short of outstanding.  They cleaned everything so thoroughly down to the smallest of items, we felt as if we, ourselves had been restored.  Maybe in part we had. What wonderful people you have working for you.

We want to personally thank your team.  They are the kind, gentle, compassionate, and honest people whom worked miracles as far as we are concerned.  Thank you so very much for sending them.
With much respect and gratitude,

D. Murray, ArlingtonFull Testimonial

I feel these employees went above and beyond

I just wanted to send an email thanking and praising Stanley restoration for all of the great service during our pack out and move in.  The guys handled our personal items with lots of care and attention. They were very professional and friendly.  The ladies were amazing yesterday helping me get boxes unloaded.  They were thorough and checked in often with me about how to handle certain items or where they should be placed.  I really appreciated their attention to detail, taking all the trash, cutting down boxes and moving them for us, and vacuuming and cleaning when the job was completed.

I’m not sure if this is an expectation for service at Stanley, but even if it is, I feel these employees went above and beyond and I wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciated them making this transition go as smoothly as possible.

I also appreciate you and your offices quick response to emails and calls with questions I had.  It put my mind at ease knowing I would be able to ask about anything and that Stanley would be quick to respond, even of the weekend.

Thanks so much!  I hope we never have to use Stanley again 🙂 but if we do or have friends who need your services I will definitely make a strong recommendation.

J. Vanderveer, DentonFull Testimonial

The house looks awesome

Thank you for all your work to bring our house back to living condition.  Ignoring a couple of subcontractor issues, we feel blessed for how it worked out.  The house looks awesome!

I’m truly amazed at how you keep so many jobs working at the same time.

R. Sharp, ColleyvilleFull Testimonial

Within no time, they were here and working full steam ahead

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to convey my sincere thanks to you and the rest of the Stanley Restoration team.  As you are probably well aware, we had a water pipe freeze and burst at the beginning of the year (welcome 2015!).  My first call was to my insurance company Allstate who then sent out your team to eliminate all the water.  Within no time, they were here and working full steam ahead.

In a nutshell, I would like to thank your crew leader in particular who performed the full clean up, the move out and in, the air duct cleaning, the carpet cleaning, etc., etc.  He was extremely efficient and very professional throughout this very stressful process.  I believe that hard working people like him are a very rare commodity in today’s world.  One thing that I do know – because of employees like this is the reason why companies like Stanley have such a good reputation and thrive for such a long time.

B. Levy, PlanoFull Testimonial

Pleasantly surprised at how thorough everyone was

I wanted to thank you for the very professional way in which your company packed out and cleaned our contents, after the fire.  I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough everyone was. I will definitely tell everyone how wonderful you are.  Again, Thank you !

R. Thily, DallasFull Testimonial

Thank you for all that you and your teams have done

Thank you for all that you and your teams have done.  I could not ask for a greater and honest group of people to work with during a difficult time!

J. Grigsby, DallasFull Testimonial

They thought of every detail, they did not cut corners

My hopes are that no one ever has to experience the devastation of having a fire in their home.  However, If one does find themselves in the midst of such misfortune, my hopes will also be that they quickly follow with the good fortune of working with Stanley Restoration.  My insurance company told me not to lift a finger.  They assured me Stanley would take care of everything and…THEY DID.  The Stanley team became my friends over the next 5 months.  They thought of every detail, they did not cut corners, they provided feedback and some fantastic design advise.  The contractors they used were knowledgeable, reliable, fast and friendly.   From beginning to end, the process of getting me and my family back on our feet has been seamless with minimal stress.  Now, not only do I have a beautiful house, I know all the work done was done correctly.  I only wish now that Stanley Restoration can help me make the decision on whether to sell it or move in…either way, I win.  They were the best decision I made. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

D. King, North Richland HillsFull Testimonial

Genuine care is rare to find in this era

We the members of the Jackson family, just wanted to take a moment and share our appreciation for the prompt and gentle care that your moving team had given the week of October 20th.  Genuine care is rare to find in this era.  Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to take a moment to say, “Thank you.”

They were so thorough during the entire inventory and packing process.  Their dilligence to detail was so impressive that they have highlighted your brand.  They cared for every item as if it belonged to them.  Each member of the team had a warm and gentle spirit; they did not just work as a team but like a family.

I must not leave out the muscles that came along to handle the heavy dudty project, which was furniture.  The team of men, stepped in a followed suit.  They had even taken the time to create a partitioned pathway upstairs to limit some dust from a room.  Now, that is “going above and beyone.”  I believe we have all made an instant connection with this team.

Therefore, we would like to request the same crew when it is time to transistion back into our home.  The team certainly had helped by reducing the level of anxiety that was in the atmosphere.  One never knows when a mishap will occur.  However, it is pleasant to know that when it does occur, God will put the right person or team in your path to help you over the hurdle.

With gratitude!

F. Jackson, DuncanvilleFull Testimonial

I have now been spoiled by the best

I have now been spoiled by the best.  Please accept this not of appreciation for the sterling service I have recieved from members of your team.  Your Project Manager not only showed excellent skills but dedication to his job as did your Estimator.  They even came out on a Sunday to correct some issues.  I believe raises should be in order.

They did a perfect job of laying the floor – sometimes I just go in and stand on it.  The construction went the extra mile and they stayed very late painting the floor moldings and laying caulk until each detail looked like a work of Rembrandt!!

You are doing something very right!!  Whishing you continued success!

L. Roush, GarlandFull Testimonial

One of the most professional people in the service world that I have dealt with in a long time

I would like to say that your Project Manager was one of the most professional people in the service world that I have dealt with in a long time.  He is to be applauded for his expertise in his field and his compassion for others.

B. Truby, MaypearlFull Testimonial

They were exceptional in the work they did

We would like to thank Allstate for sending Stanley Restoration & More to remove the smoke damage from our home.

Stanley sent a crew to our home and they were exceptional in the work they did; they were very professional and did a wonderful job in removing the smoke from our home.  I pray that we never have another fire, however if we did, we would ask Allstate to send Stanley Restoration back to our home.

A. Dilbeck, DallasFull Testimonial

I would recommend you to anyone wanting a first class restoration with first class customer service

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Stanley Restoration LLC.

From day one your Senior Estimator, provided amazing service which turned into super fast results.

My home suffered water damage from a leaking toliet.  Her calm attitude and expertise in home restoration procedures put me at ease and I am really proud of  the professional, courteous, factual, and highly satisfactory attitude from a customer’s point of view. It is not often in these times that one encounters an individual that truly delivers and exceeds what was promised.  She was on top of things all the time and constantly in touch with me to ensure that the work was completed by her crew in a reasonable and satisfactory time.

In short, I would recommend you to anyone wanting a first class restoration with first class customer service. I would be more than happy to show off your work to future clients.

R. Lakshmipathy, DeSotoFull Testimonial

We actually believe that the house looks better now than it did before the storm

As you know, the May 15th tornado that swept through Cleburne caused significant damage to our home. The work required to restore our home covered a VERY wide range, from replacing the chimney and roof to replacing drywall on the ceiling and walls, new flooring, a new garage door, interior and exterior painting, installing new recessed lighting, and work on the exterior windows.
All the work performed was done in a coordinated, professional manner with great attention paid to minimizing the amount of dust and debris inside the house during demolition and reconstruction. Changes that we requested were handled quickly and without conflict. The contractors for each phase of work were polite, friendly, and professional.
We appreciated your detailed communication to keep us informed and up to date on the next steps during all phases of this project, and we always believed that you had our best interests in mind. We are extremely satisfied with all the work that was performed, and we actually believe that the house looks better now than it did before the storm!
In conclusion, we will be MORE than happy to recommend your company’s services to our friends, neighbors, and relatives.

G. Easdon, CleburneFull Testimonial

I felt that my satisfaction as a customer was important to you and I am grateful

To whom it may concern,

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is J. Nelson and I am writing to share my experience with Stanley Restoration for recent repairs to my home.  When I met your Project Manager, I was nervous and unsure about the process of getting my home repaired.  She thoroughly explained the process to me with complete confidence and made me feel at ease about having our home repaired.

She displayed her vast amount of knowledge and expertise as she explained which repairs were necessary and as she scheduled the repairs to be done.  As repairs were being done to our house, a more profound issue arose and she promptly informed us of the findings.  She immediately contacted our insurance company as well so that we were able to get the unexpected additional repairs taken care of quickly.  Your Project Manager was very professional in coordinating all of the teams required to repair our home.   These teams included repair crews, the insurance company, and the mortgage company.

I felt that my satisfaction as a customer was important to you and I am grateful for your expertise and care.  I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a Project Manager that will do an outstanding job.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email at ********** or by phone at ***-***-****.

J. Nelson, WaxahachieFull Testimonial

They were very thorough and made sure we were pleased with everything they did

I want to let you know how pleased we are with everything Stanley Restoration did for us.

The reconstruction crew was great!!  They were very thorough and made sure we were pleased with everything they did. They would stop by almost every day to check on the progress. Things went very smoothly and we are very pleased with the results.

And as for your Project Manager, you are a sweetheart!!  You explained everything to me and made sure I was satisfied.

I would recommend Stanley Restoration to anyone that needs repair work. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

J. Johnson, DuncanvilleFull Testimonial

Cared as much about my interests as she did in doing her job

This letter is to commend the efforts and attention of your Project Manager with Stanley Restoration.

After a recent fire at a rental property that I own, I contracted with Stanley Restoration to do the rehab of the structure.

My experience with your project manager was most satisfying.

She kept me informed in a timely manner through E-Mail and telephone contact as the project progressed step by step.

She was especially efficient in coordinating with the many contractors needed to complete the rebuilding of the property, and displayed excellent knowledge in dealing with the city inspection process with its many codes and procedures.

She was also ery helpful in coordinating and selecting the materials and colors to restore the home to a very professionally looking decor.

The quality of all of the work was excellent.

Again, she was very professional in her conduct as she interacted with myself, the Insurance Company, the contractors, and the city representatives to ensure all permits were properly executed in a timely manner.

I always felt as if she cared as much about my interests, as she did in doing her job, and the end result was that both myself, and my tenant were thrilled with the quality and beauty of the final product.

Thanks for a job well done!!!


D. Pettit, GarlandFull Testimonial

Coordinated all restoration work perfectly according to my schedule

On October 15, 2013, a plumbing problem with the kitchen sink caused a downstairs bedroom to be flooded through the ceiling. I immediately called my insurance company and they put me in touch with Stanley Restoration. Stanley responded very quickly that same day, discovered what the problem was, turned off the hot water line to the kitchen sink and began the process of drying everything out.  As it turned out, they were able to dry out all of the upstairs kitchen area with very little damage, but the bedroom ceiling and a portion of wall had to be torn out. The carpet also had to be replaced.  Our Stanley estimator was a pleasure to work with. She coordinated all restoration work perfectly according to my schedule and kept me well-informed of what was going to happen and when. All work was completed in a timely manner. I’m sure we’ll call on Stanley in the future if the need arises.

K. Rohde, Oak LeafFull Testimonial

Professional through and through

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the good job Stanley Restoration did on my daughter’s home.  None of my family members have ever gone through anything like this before and I pray we never do again.

Your crew made us feel at ease and kept my daughter informed of everything they were doing.  They treated her home as if it were their own.  They were professional through and through.

C. Henderson, Haltom CityFull Testimonial

Your project manager was the answer to my prayers

The intent of this letter is to express my gratitude for the services rendered by your company.  In December, my home went up in flames. This being my first nightmare—24 days before Christmas with two small children—a fire was not in my holiday plans.

I came into contact with your company after this catastrophe with so many questions as to how can my house be restored.  Your project manager was the answer to my prayers.  Outside of being proficient and professional during business hours, he answered every question and every call outside of business hours.   I can recall several occasions when I called him with questions and/or inquiries – he responded.  These times ranged from 6 a.m. before he ate breakfast to after 9 p.m. and on weekends while he was vacationing with his family.  I am sure that personally I have been a difficult person to deal with, but his repetitive responses to me were always, “I will take care of you,” and he did.  He made sure that every contractor was providing me with exceptional service to my satisfaction.

I cannot stress how lucky Stanley Restoration is to have such a wonderful employee.  I would recommend Stanley’s services to anyone that would like to feel relieved in a stressful situation regarding their home.  Keep up the good work!  You are wonderful!

S. Campbell, Cedar HillFull Testimonial

The work was done promptly as scheduled and our house is beautiful

I just wanted to write a thank you note to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you and your employees did for me these last few weeks.  What started out as a disaster and a horrible mess was quickly turned around because of you!  Everyone who came out was pleasant, friendly, and professional; the work was done promptly as scheduled and our house is beautiful!

I really cannot express my thanks – from painting and tile to carpeting and the extra TLC put forth by your team is so appreciated.  I just wanted to let you know!  I had many horror stories come to mind when we flooded and people told me stories, too – but I am happy to say, “Not to me—we used Stanley!”  Thank you again.

A. Szymanowski, ArlingtonFull Testimonial

We would be pleased to be references

We are writing this letter praising you and your organization for the work you did restoring our office and adjoining bathroom to excellent condition.

Of particulate note:  1) Speedy response to the water damage.  Your crew was timely and thorough in ensuring the effects of the water was minimized.  2) Thorough removal of any tainted material.  3) Your project manager provided excellent job management.  4) An exceptional craftsman who performs his work to the highest standard.

Thanks again.  In the future, we would be pleased to be references.

P. Heckel, DallasFull Testimonial

Seeing the dedication of this team was most helpful to me

It has been a pleasure to use Stanley Restoration due to the smoke damage done to my home. They were very thorough in removing the smoke smell and all the people involved went out of their way to encourage and help me.

It was so devastating having all my clothes, shoes, purses, rugs, etc. removed for cleaning.  Yet seeing the dedication of this team was most helpful to me at this time.

I strongly recommend them to you.

D. Goldsberry, DallasFull Testimonial

Welcomed into my home anytime

About the first week in May, 2005, I reported a fire with smoke damage to my house that is insured under the above noted policy.  Within 48 hours, your adjuster contacted me by phone and recommended Stanley Restoration to come and assess the damage an to start clean up.

In two working days, they finished the clean up and had everything sparkling.  These people were considerate of the fact that my wife has a severe medical problem and worked around her with the least discomfort possible to her.

The Stanley team and my adjuster will be welcomed into my home anytime and also my thanks go out to US Lloyds Insurance.

D. Gregory, HurstFull Testimonial

Outstanding customer service combined with quality and speed of service

In January, there was a small chimney fire at my home.  The fire department responded quickly enough to minimize the damage, but there was damage done nonetheless.  Although the fire could have been a lot worse, it was still a traumatic situation for me and my family.  The top of the chimney was gone and we were getting a lot of snow and ice to make the situation worse.  The first company that my insurance representative recommended to me was Stanley Restoration.

My case was then assigned to you for handling.  From the outset, you remained in constant contact with me.  To be honest, it was easier to get in touch with you than it was with my insurance representative.  When there was snow and ice on my room that prevented you from getting a closer look, you still came to my house to view the damage the best way you could.  When schedules changed unexpectedly, you were the first to inform me of the change.  I never had to call you to find out what was going on because you always called me first.  You always kept me informed.  This was very reassuring.  This kind of service is not common in today’s world.  Most companies are not as proactive as you are.

As for the work that was done, all I can say is that the chimney was restored exactly the way it was before the fire and it was done quickly.  Outstanding customer service combined with quality and speed of service go a long way in my book.  Without question, I am recommending Stanley Restoration to anyone who suffers any type of catastrophic loss to their home.

G. Munoz, Cedar HillFull Testimonial

An expedient, professional and comforting manner

On Friday, August 20, our home sustained major water damage as a result of the catastrophic failure of an attic hot water heater.  With special thanks to our agent and the wonderful State Farm folks at Fire Claim Central, we have received extraordinary service at every turn.  I want to thank you for helping us in such an expedient, professional and comforting manner.

The crew from Stanley Restoration did a first class job in containing the water damage, cleaning it up, and drying things out so that we could begin repairs.  I wish to commend State Farm for providing such exceptional people and service.

B. Harlan, Fort WorthFull Testimonial

Extremely blessed to be referred to Stanley Restoration

In March of this year, my husband and I arrived home to an 80 year-old red oak tree in our bedroom.  It’s amazing what a couple of hours can do to your home.  But we were extremely blessed to be referred to Stanley Restoration for our repairs and weeks of work,  Stanley Restoration helped the time be as unstressful as possible as they took care of every last detail.  They were professional, timely, and graciously responded to all of our requests, questions, and specifics.

Being new homeowners and having never gone through any sort of process like this we felt like Stanley Restoration helped us understand the process with insurance.   They were patient with us in the decision-making and made sure until the very end that we were satisfied with the work done.

J. Starkey, DallasFull Testimonial

Always pleasant and courteous

My mother recently submitted an insurance claim for damages caused by a leak.  The damage involved kitchen cabinets, the kitchen floor, and the living room carpet.

During the restoration period, quite a few different Stanley associates came into my mother’s home.  We found that the Stanley team was all extremely knowledgeable and professional.  In addition:

  • They were efficient
  • They were always pleasant and courteous, and cleaned up after themselves
  • They were considerate of a 92-year-old woman.  At times my      mother was with them alone in the house. She never felt intimidated or uncomfortable
  • They kept in close touch with us over the phone and returned calls quicklyl when messages were left
  • The work was done skillfully.  Once, when they realized that part of this project had not been done to their standard, they redid the work and apologized for the inconvenience.

Because of their overall excellent work, I will call on Stanley Restoration if we need their services in the future, and I will confidently recommend them to our friends.

S. Musfeldt, ArlingtonFull Testimonial

Outstanding customer service

Words can’t express the appreciation we feel for your company helping our family so promptly, efficiently, and thoroughly when our home flooded due to a hot water leak.

Not too many businesses these days provide the outstanding customer service that Stanley Restoration exhibited and we thank you for your thorough follow- up.

Your competence, timeliness, and concern helped make a bad situation much easier.  And  for that you can be sure that we will recommend your service to anyone who finds themselves in need of a restoration company.

L. Allen, Red OakFull Testimonial

We feel you exceeded our expectations

We want to thank you for the excellent repairs and clean up your company made to our business after the fire damage we had in July.

You not only fulfilled your obligations to your contract but we feel you exceeded our expectations on the work that was done to restore our shop to one we can be proud of.

We also want to thank your job supervisor for his work in leading his crew of people.  He leads people with respect and they do a great job.  They are efficient, good natured, and willing to tackle a job that was tedious.

I would like you to know that we would recommend your company to anyone that needs a reputable business to take on the job with your expertise and honesty.

B. Brown, GarlandFull Testimonial

We absolutely love our “new” house

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for us when our house caught on fire May 28, 2006.  It was definitely the most devastating thing that has happened to our family.  Your crew made everything so much easier and handled things for us that we never would have been able to handle in our delicate state of mind those first few weeks.  Everything was handled quickly and professionally 100% of the time.

We especially would like to commend your reconstruction supervisor.  He is so personable and efficient.  Everything was handled quickly and above and beyond our expectations,.  He was always available to us and made sure everything was done to our satisfaction.  His crew was equally great and made our loss so much easier.

We absolutely love our “new” house and will always highly recommend your fine company.

L. Yarbrough, Grand PrairieFull Testimonial

A very rewarding experience

Thank you for your prompt attention to our water damage problem

When I called on 1/25/07 after hours, you were very prompt and had a truck at our home in less than two hours to clean up the water mess and to set up dryers to dry out our home.  Realizing that our home is our most important asset, it was a very rewarding experience to deal with your company and the professionalism of your people.

W. Miller, ArlingtonFull Testimonial

They have always done a fantastic job

They have always done a fantastic job for us and our customers…We would highly recommend Stanley Restoration. Thay make every customer feel important and keep us informed.

State Farm Agent, ArlingtonFull Testimonial

This particular claim solidified our relationship

In my second year as an agent, I experienced my first fire on a Saturday afternoon while closing. There were two things that came to mind. First, the safety of my clients and secondly who could I call on a Saturday afternoon. Stanley was the first to come to mind. This particular claim solidified our relationship with Stanley because they took care of the client along with State Farm from A to Z. The biggest headache to an agency is customer service issues during a claim and Stanley Restoration certainly made sure our client was happy.

State Farm Agent, DeSotoFull Testimonial

Reliable and trustworthy

We have used Stanley Restoration for many years in water and fire damage restoration and reconstruction. Our customers have always been happy with them and we have had no complaints. I show Stanley Restoration to be reliable and trustworthy.

State Farm Agent, Cedar HillFull Testimonial

Quality of workmanship and professionalism shown was outstanding

Beginning in the fall of ’05 and continuing for several months, my wife and I had workers from your company at our house for repairs and additions to the house after lightning struck our chimney and scattered Austin stone over our roof and attic.  During that time, your company not only repaired the storm damage, but also brought peace of mind and comfort to my wife and me at a very chaotic time.

I would like to commend your company on a job well done.  The quality of workmanship and professionalism shown was outstanding.  We would highly recommend your company to anyone needing such service.

B. Little, Red OakFull Testimonial

We absolutely adore the quality of the work

I wanted to send you a letter to let you know that I am so pleased with Stanley Restoration. You did an excellent job with the restoration of our home.

We absolutely adore the quality of the work that was done.  All of your people were professional, courteous and talented.

C. Swindele, FriscoFull Testimonial

The whole team was like an “army of angels”

Thank you so much for sending your crew on Saturday, February 2, 2008, to help us recover from a fire in our home that morning.  Right away, they began their work to get rid of the odor.  On Monday morning, they brought another team who all worked hard and faithfully on our house for several days.  The whole team was like an “army of angels” that helped us when we were so disoriented and discouraged about the condition of our house.

My husband and I are delighted to tell you about your supervisors’ excellent leadership and the very professional demeanor and hard work of your people.

C. Wilson, Fort WorthFull Testimonial

The value of our home increased and it sold quickly

We were devastated when our home was flooded by water damage.  More than 80% of our home was destroyed.  The loss for the sale of our home substantially reduced our hopes for retaining any profit.  Our home had beautiful custom cabinetry, intricate crown molding and unique interior features rarely seen in today’s homes.

We did not know what to expect of the full impact of rebuilding our home over the next few months involved.  We were very fortunate to have worked with Stanley Restoration and especially their reconstruction estimator.  He was phenomenal in keeping us informed as situations changed and developed during the restoration.  All of their contractors were professional, experienced, and easy to work with.  The results are evident in a successfully finished home.  Immediately upon putting our home back on the market, it quickly was a showcase home and selected as “Home of the Week” by Southwest Realtors for Dallas.  His assistance in recommendations for upgrades and expert advice on cost savings was consistent with our goal.  He satisfactorily recreated the detailed elegance of the home it previously had.

Everyone at Stanley Restoration takes great pride in their work and was very responsive to our needs.  As an established company Stanley Restoration has shown us an enviable lesson; a dream home can become a reality again.  The value of our home increased and it sold quickly.

We are certain that anyone who uses Stanley Restoration will experience the same satisfaction as we have.

R. Bice, DallasFull Testimonial

Back in our home and as you promised, it is as good as new

Being hit by a tornado is something we hope to never go through again.  Our home was hit with no warning on April 24, 2007.  We have new sympathy for those who suffer such tragedies.  We were in shock and faced with moving, tearing down, and restoring our home.  It was overwhelming.

Then we met your reconstruction estimator with Stanley Restoration.  He calmly took over all the details of tearing and rebuilding and dealing with the insurance company.  He answered every call in a timely manner and handled any situation that arose.

The crews were always helpful and certainly knew what they were doing.  We had no idea of what the clean-up and packing and moving involved.

We are now back in our home and as you promised, it is as good as new.

Thank you for all your help.  We would certainly recommend you to others in our situation.

R. Miller, GranburyFull Testimonial

I was assured we would be happy with the outcome

My name is C. Caster from Carrollton, TX.  And I’d just like to drop a note to inform you of how pleased my wife and I are after our recent house fire back in January.

After the fire I called my Farmers agent and the next day the claims representative arrived along with Stanley Restoration.  From the beginning I was skeptical to say the least.  A few years back we had a flood caused by a faulty water heater.  We had a very bad experience with that claim and came very, very close to cancelling our policy with Farmers.  If not for my agent, I would have.  Because of that experience, I didn’t feel I’d receive any better treatment than last time.

I am happy to say I was wrong this time.  From the day of my claims representative and Stanley Restoration’s arrival, I was assured we would be happy with the outcome and my confidence in Farmers would be restored.  Now we’re back in our house and everything they said came true.

So, in essence, there were TWO restorations made—our home and our peace of mind with Farmers.

C. Caster, CarrolltonFull Testimonial

My home is safe and definitely back to its original state, if not better

Thank you so much for recommending Stanley Restoration when our house caught fire June 19, 2006.  Working with your reconstruction estimator was the most reassuring part of the whole ordeal.  He was constantly in touch with us both in person and via telephone.  This was one of the worst things I have ever had happen to me and I know he is the reason I came through it with my sanity.

I commend State Farm for making the initial contact with Stanley and for supporting their restoration needs.  I realize the importance of good insurance coverage and am so glad I had adequate coverage.  I feel that my home is safe and definitely back to its original state, if not better.

Thanks again for making the call to Stanley for me when I was so consumed with the fire that I couldn’t think straight.  I am so glad that everything I back to normal and I will continue to sing the praises of both State Farm and Stanley Restoration.

C. Bratcher, FerrisFull Testimonial

You treated our home like it was your own

As with most people when we had our fire, it was devastating.  I had no idea about who to choose as my General Contractor or the many months of uncertainty ahead.  I interviewed three general contractors and selected Stanley Restoration.  This was the best decision I would have made.  The minute your reconstruction estimator walked into the house to survey the damage I knew this was someone that I could work with.

He was constantly in touch with us, leading us down our unknown path, and dealing with issues with contractors, city inspectors, and even our own insurance company.  The one thing that I truly appreciated is that he did what he said he would do.  That is the characteristic that impressed me the most.

I cannot say enough good things about him and the Stanley Restoration team.  We appreciate, from the bottom of our hearts, the work that you did for us to put our home back together again.  You treated our house like it was your own.  All along he kept saying it will be the same or better than it was before the fire and I questioned this several times in the early stages.  This turned out to be true.

J. Wollscheid, SachseFull Testimonial

The people we could trust when we most needed it

My wife and I want to give our heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful staff.  We commend your excellent work and would gladly recommend you to anyone needing your services.  Stanley Restoration, with your skilled restorers, proved to be the people we could trust when we most needed it.

We found your people a positive enthusiasm to quickly get our house repaired.  The trauma  of seeing the cataclysmic destruction on our home was greatly relieved by knowing that experienced people of integrity were truly helping us recover from our loss.

Thank you, Stanley Restoration, for your promptness, courtesy, and persistence in seeing the work through to completion.  We have recovered from the loss and our home is better, more beautiful than ever.

R. Summers, DuncanvilleFull Testimonial

One of the most professional teams I have seen

In September 2005, our family experienced one of the most devastating events of our lives – a house fire. We were in shock with no idea of where to start in the clean-up process. Several companies came by offering their services, but none were like Stanley restoration. They didn’t try to “sell us,” but showed concern not only for me but for my family. The reconstruction estimators stayed to answer all my questions, explained the values of Stanley Restoration, and eased my fears about the loss of our home. My family was treated “as family,” not a customer, which convinced me that Stanley restoration was the right company to use.

The next morning Stanley Restoration began the rebuilding process with one of the most professional teams I have seen. The rebuilding process exceeded my expectations from start to finish. They kept me informed daily, and monitored the rebuilding process as though it wast their own home.

My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming to our rescue and helping us rebuild. As a contractor myself, I can proudly recommend Stanley Restoration to my family and friends.

G. Wells, Grand PrairieFull Testimonial

I appreciated your company at this frustrating time

Wow! Isn’t it amazing the damage that can be done by water? I personally am amazed. When our washing machine flooded four rooms in our home last month, I had no idea of the consequences that lay ahead of us. When I finally did start to realize the damage and called my insurance company and then Stanley Restoration, I was devastated to learn the extensive damage to our home. We have only been in this home for a year and a half. I have spent countless hours texturing, painting, and decorating our home. To learn that much of the baseboards had to come out and holes cut in the walls to dry them out well was very overwhelming.

I am writing you to tell you how much I appreciated your company at this frustrating time. I have always appreciated sincere. prompt, friendly service, but in this case it was especially appreciated. The restoration company is the one who has to break the bad news to the homeowners of the extent of the damage. Each person that worked on the restoration project was very sensitive to my feelings of disappointment, shock, and being overwhelmed. They were professional, prompt, and very thoughtful and considerate when breaking bad news.

I am very pleased with the restoration and how that project was carried out. I would highly recommend your company to other unfortunate homeowners that find themselves in a similiar situation. So thanks to you and your crew for easing the pain!

J. Cowman, ArlingtonFull Testimonial

A competent and caring team

On Saturday morning, May 14, 2005, our world was turned upside down when my wife receiced a call on her cell from the University Park Fire Department reporting that our home was on fire. I immediately called my insurance carrier to report this incident, not knowing the extent of the damage that I would find when I arrived home. Within minutes, I received a return call from Stanley Restoration who assured me they would have a team onsite that afternoon to assist in the tasks at hand. Their calm demeanor and caring attitude was reassuring and was a foretaste of our experience with the Stanley team over the next 6 months.

I have never encountered a more competent and caring team of individuals in my entire work experience. From the pack out, through repair and restoration of the contents to our ultimate contract with Stanley for construction and renovation, every Stanley employee dealt with us in a professional and sincere fashion.

Stanley Restoration completed a $200,000 job ahead of schedule and on budget!

I commend each of you for a job well done. We are indebted to each of you for making what could have been a trying time, a time of excitement and ultimate satisfaction. We will recommend Stanley to all who will listen

M. Williams, University ParkFull Testimonial

Very pleased with the prompt service

As a State Farm agent I have been very pleased with the prompt service they have given my insureds. Their quality of work is some of the best I have seen.

State Farm Agent, DeSotoFull Testimonial

I would without hesitation recommend Stanley Restoration

I had never thought much about a house fire until it happened to me.  It is an extremely difficult thing to go through, especially a week before Christmas. Within 5 minutes of the fire department pulling away from our house other restoration companies were knocking on my door. This infuriated me. We had not even had time to process what had just happened to us.

I was referred to Stanley Restoration and was quite pleased with the results. They came out immediately to assess the damage and begin the restoration of our home. The project manager held my hand and guided us through the entire process with the utmost professional and courteous attitude. He addressed every concern and question I had both promptly and thoroughly. He even helped me with the insurance company, taking a lot of stress away. Everyone I worked with at Stanley Restoration was extremely courteous and kind.

My house is now cleaner and in better shape than before the fire. They even cleaned and moved my Christmas tree without harming one ornament! I would without hesitation recommend Stanley Restoration for damage repair needs.

J. Moore, WataugaFull Testimonial